3 Amazon Shopping Hacks That Will Fascinate You


As conventional retailers struggle, all signs lead to Amazon capturing a larger share of our buying dollars. While there are some items we believe should be left on Amazon’s digital shelves, our e-shopping list appears to be longer than ever. Here are 3 ways to be a smarter Amazon shopper.

1. Use FillerItem.com to Reach $35 Free Shipping Threshold

This Amazon trick is only for people who aren’t Prime subscribers.

As you may be aware, Amazon demands a $35 minimum purchase to receive free shipping. There’s nothing worse than having to pay for postage on a $32 order. Or, even worse, putting stuff in your cart that you don’t need just to get over the $35 mark.

Filler Item.com is quite clever in that it allows you to enter the amount required for free shipping and then returns hundreds of things that you might actually need. It’s a win-win, essentially. You get free shipping as well as a product that will not waste your money.

2. Score $5 for Adding $20 Cash To Your Amazon Account


Amazon Cash is an easy way to add cash to your Amazon balance that is available at over 30,000 partner retailers. If you don’t have a credit card, debit card, or bank card, this is an excellent choice.

Simply go to a participating store, have them scan the Amazon Cash barcode from your Amazon app, and give them cash up to $500. The balance is then immediately available for Amazon.com buying.

The great part is that Amazon is presently offering a free $5 Amazon credit to customers who use Amazon Cash for the first time when they spend $20 or more.

3.Consider “No-Rush Shipping” For Cool Credits


Consider choosing “FREE No-Rush Shipping” if you’re a Prime member but don’t need the item in two days. You’ll get a free $1 reward to use on digital things like music, movies, or book downloads if you do so.

If you use this Amazon method on a regular basis, you’ll soon have free movies or multiple music downloads. These credits vary frequently and have previously featured Amazon Pantry credits.

Do you have any Amazon tricks up your sleeve? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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