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ABCMouse Online Early Learning Free

In this day and age, our kids are whizzes with technology. Even the little ones seem to be able to figure out the games app with ease. If you find it difficult to get your child off the phone, tablet, or TV, why not try getting them on, an Early Learning Academy educational program.

ABCmouse is especially suited towards children 2-8 years old who are at the brink of learning new and exciting things. So, if you are a mom (or dad) in search of something safe and educational for your child to be hooked on to, look no further!

Subscription-based Learning

The ABCmouse educational program is subscription-based. This means that when you become a subscriber, you are able to access an array of educational activities for your child. The program can be accessed via their website ( or using their mobile app.
Not sure if ABCmouse is suited for your child? They are currently giving away a free 30-day trial, which I am pretty sure will spark you and your child’s interest in the program.

Age-Appropriate Subjects

Age-Appropriate Subjects

I feel it is always a good idea to further your child’s knowledge outside of school. Just a few hours of learning and playing in school may not be enough for inquisitive, growing minds. Give your child an edge by having them work through subjects like reading, math, science, social studies, music, art, and language arts in the comfort of their own home and under your supervision.
As for children below school-going age, ABCmouse is a perfect tool to integrate them into the learning curriculum. It is fun, interactive, and most importantly educational!

How it Works


Your child will be able to navigate the site or app with the aid of voice-prompts, images, and text. This is perfect for children who have already mastered reading; however, younger kids may need a little bit of help. This, in my opinion, is a great perk as you can be involved in your child’s learning and spend quality time with them as they learn and play.
In the ABCmouse virtual world, your child will be able to create their own room and even have pets to look after. The program incorporates a “ticket system” where kids earn tickets each time they successfully complete a learning activity and these tickets can be used to “purchase” things for their room or pets a great incentive to prolong the learning fun, if you ask me!

Use at School

The programs available on ABCmouse is in line with U.S school curriculums and are also available to teachers, community organizations, and other educational authorities. They have 10 school levels of curriculum, over 850 lessons, and more than 9,000 individual learning activities for your child.

Learning is Fun

If your child associates screen time with fun time, then cultivating a “learning is fun” attitude towards young children is easy with ABCmouse. You will also be at ease knowing that the little ones are properly entertained with educational material.

Some Statistics

Launched in 2016 at the ISTE conference, ABCmouse is currently used in more than 65,000 classrooms in the U.S and in most U.S public libraries, including those in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Brooklyn.

So go ahead and give your child an academic edge, try out the 30-day free trial on today!

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