Amazon Trade-In: Make Money on Used Items


Many outdated and obsolete electronic gadgets remain on our shelves as a result of technological advancements and innovation. We can profit from the clutter that has accumulated as a result of these Trade-In programs. Many stores, including Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, now let you sell your old electronics. Meanwhile, Amazon has made tech liquidation incredibly easy.

How does Amazon Trade-In Program Work?

The Amazon Trade-In service allows you to sell goods you no longer want for free. It’s simple and easy. The highest value of the item can be found on the Amazon Trade-In page. Furthermore, Amazon offers a quick quote with a trade-in value for your stuff, as well as free shipping. Follow the steps outlined by Amazon, and once your product is accepted, you will receive a gift card from Amazon.

Initially, there was no requirement to check the product’s condition. Amazon recently launched a way to check the product, validate the product, and give a trade-in value. This is rewarding for consumers who exchange high-quality goods.

What are the Eligible Items under the Amazon Trade-In Program?

If you want to trade in your old things like books, videos, electronics, and other items for gift cards, the Amazon Trade-In service is one of the best options. Among these options are:


  • Mobile phones
  • Cameras
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Gaming equipment
  • Games and DVDs
  • Books

How to Submit in a Trade-In

  • Access Amazon’s Trade-In page.
  • The list of eligible items is available in the store. If you did not find the product you were searching for, click on Find more items.
  • Fill out the necessary fields before sending the Trade-In.
  • Amazon gives you shipping instructions, which you must print and stick to the package.

Amazon inspects the product upon receipt to ensure that it meets the description you provided. Items in outstanding condition are more likely to earn more money in the form of gift cards, while products in bad condition are more likely to sell at a low value.

Amazon will not confirm the value of your trade-in until they receive it. If the trade-in value (TIV) changes, Amazon will contact you for further instructions or cancel the trade-in and inform you of the termination. If Amazon approves your description, you will receive the amount credited to your account in the form of gift vouchers.

You must ensure that your personal information on the device is backed up before shipping the product. To protect consumer privacy, Amazon removes the data on the device once the item is accepted.

Amazon Trade-In Tips to Remember

Amazon will provide you with a free printable shipping label once you start your trade-in. You will, however, be required to have your own packaging – and it is important that you carefully package your products so that they are not damaged during shipping.


  • Here are some packaging recommendations:
  • Wrap the item in kraft paper, bubble wrap, or soft filler.
  • Use the double (over) technique, which involves placing a box inside a box.
  • For added security, cover the interior box in packing peanuts or another layer of padding.
  • For a solid seal, use packing tape.

If you’re trading in a phone, tablet, or laptop, UPS, FedEx, and USPS all have special boxes for electronics.

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