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Receipts are little and pesky things that can get easily lost. They could also crowd your storage due to their vast numbers. You ought to look for a way to manage them effectively for your business since they are proof that payment was made. Well, with the current trends in technology, receipts will become extinct, but meanwhile, it is viable to look for a solution to maintain them which is looking for the best app for receipts.


You will need better storage where they cannot be easily lost. So, whether you have your own business or trying to narrow down the expenses you have been incurring, the following apps will assist you to scan and manage receipts.

1. Receipts by Wave


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This apps’ primary focus is to save and manage your receipts. The app is very straightforward in usage. You can sync it with a wave account and then save all your receipts on Cloud storage. The main advantage of this app is that even if you lose your phone, you will still have access to the receipts after they have been uploaded on the Cloud platform. Some key features about this app include edit notes on the scanned receipts, a Cloud-based software where you can store your receipts, the ability to scan several receipts all at once, among other features.

2. Expensify


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You will not miss this app on any list talking about apps to manage your receipts. There is a reason for that as the app is award-winning software that provides users all the essential services that you may need in scanning receipts. It is one of the best apps for receipts that processes a receipt photo after you have captured it.

The apps highlight is the advantage it offers customers over other apps. Expensify saves you a lot of time in that all you do is take a photo, and the app will capture the essential details for you. Among the remarkable features for this application include importing credit card transactions, integrating with the GPS sensor for your phone.

3. Abukai Expenses


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It is a fascinating app that manages all the expenses for you. With this app, you will save your receipt in just two steps. Take a picture of the receipt or the invoice you want to secure and then submit it to your phone. Abukai expenses help you prepare an expense report by adding the receipts and later emailing the report to your email.

It is also an award-winning app receiving awards from PC Magazine and Nasdaq. The reports are exported in two distinct formats i.e., PDF or Excel.

4. Smart Receipts


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It is another app that makes your work easier as long as your receipts are involved. It makes proper use of your mobile phone as it becomes a receipt scanner. The app will also save you lots of time when you need to create an expense report. While traveling for business, the app will track more mileage for you. Smart receipts will assist you in monitoring virtually everything for you as you travel.

5. Genius Scan


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It is one of the best apps for receipts. If you come to think about it, all you need is an efficient scanning app, and you are good to go. The genius app is an ideal app for scanning and tracking your receipts and storing them.

It is one of the most straightforward apps to use, and you can track your receipts with this app quickly more so if you are traveling. With this app, you can easily export the scans to your Cloud storage via PDF or JPEG. Genius scan integrates Dropbox, Evernote, and Box, among other software.

6. Tiny Scanner


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Are you in search of the best app for receipts? Then you do not have to go far as the tiny scanner will sort you out. With this app, your phone becomes a document scanner. The app is relatively small in size, meaning it will not take up much of your space as it saves your receipts in PDF format or an image.

You are also enabled to sort scans with this app hence organizing them in an orderly fashion in different folders. The scans are shareable from the app via cloud accounts such as Dropbox or via email address. The tiny scanner is also high-speed.

7. Clear Scanner


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It is the ideal receipt manager if you keep on misplacing your receipts. The app has an in-built OCR capability meaning that texts from the receipts are easily recognized and thus imported. This app will be handy when traveling, and you have to save up your receipts quickly, so you scan them.

The scans will be saved in PDF or JPEG, and afterward, you can attach them to your expense reports. The app is intelligible as it recognizes the corners of the receipts so you can be sure that what will be captured is only the receipts.

8. Fitfin Budget App


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Most of the time, when people are thinking about scanning apps, what comes into their mind is travel expenses for a business. The easiest and most effective way to capture receipts for expenses made is to make sure you store every receipt immediately after you make a purchase. Fitfin will help you out in recording these receipts and storing them. The app assists you create and maintain your budget for expenses.

9. Zoho


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No list for receipt scanners could be complete without the Zoho app. The application has several Cloud-based software such as Calendar, Email, etc. With the app, you have access to several Office apps where you can send the scanned apps. Click on Expense in the app, and the app will upload pictures of receipts taken by your phone. The app quickly scans receipts and fills the details on your expense records, saving your time.

10. Office Lens


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It is a mobile app presented to customers by Microsoft. The app acts like a document scanner used for scanning receipts. The receipts are well-trimmed by the app and enhance the document such that it becomes easily readable. The scans can be exported to Office apps such as PowerPoint and Word or send the PDF format to OneDrive or email account. Office Lens scans and stores more than just receipts. You can scan other documents and use them on other apps.

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