Top 5 Best Black Friday Deals of 2020

Black Friday is fast approaching, with early new deals emerging online daily, it becomes relatively difficult to control our impulses. With millions of people working from home and staying glued on their screens, these early deals disappear as fast as they pop up online. What’s more frustrating is that retail giants including Target and Walmart give us teaser deals weeks ahead, then they get sold out in mere minutes.

Remember that it’s never too soon to prepare and enjoy significant savings while shopping for great deals online. For many, Black Friday will be a delightful reprieve from the stressful events that we’ve all been experiencing this year. And with the  holiday season is just around the corner, it becomes all the more crucial to snag early Black Friday deals online. But before you start adding to cart, here are Black Friday shopping tips that will help you save more money.

  • Be a smart shopper

Don’t be blinded by all the glitz and glamor of Black Friday deals online. It’s a great day to enjoy huge savings while getting the best deal for you much-coveted items, but when used incorrectly, you may end up draining your savings. Retailers know all too well that you’re due to spend a lot of money due to the upcoming holiday season. With this in mind, they will implement different tactics to take advantage of your vulnerability to impulsive buying. Glitzy marketing campaigns and discount prices are more than enough to lure even the most practical shoppers to splurge on items they don’t really need.

Black Friday is an opportunity for you to enjoy huge savings while grabbing items that you would still purchase with or without discount.

  • Make a budget

The chaos that Black Friday brings should be more than enough to convince you to plan ahead. Identify a specific budget or set a maximum spending for yourself. Remember that you are not saving if you spend your money on non-essential things with huge discounts. No matter how appealing these deals may see, you’ll end up spending more if you decide to spend your budget on frivolous items. 

  1. If you are shopping for the holidays, make a list of people that you need to buy gifts for. Don’t wait until Christmas Eve to get these items at the store. Make sure to complete your list well before Black Friday.
  2. Take advantage of big discounts for the items that you need. Once all important things are purchased, you may now use the spare money on non-essential goods.
  3. Be smart about your Black Friday buys. Be diligent and find deals early by searching through online shops and websites that feature daily deals from various sellers. Utilize comparison websites to make sure you get the best price and discover opportunities to save more.
  4. Look for great discounts on household necessities such as paper towels, toilet paper, dishwashing soap, detergents, and toiletries. Buying non-perishable items in bulk translates to great reductions in your long-term expenses, as well as reduce the need for emergency errands.

Not only are these budgeting tips helping you save money, but they are meant to make your life easier, too.

  • Maximize savings using your best credit cards for the holiday season

We wouldn’t want to see you drowning in debt just because you decided to be extravagant on your holiday gift shopping. A budget services to mitigate impulsive shopping habits.  Planning a budge ahead of time will prevent you from making rash decisions that may affect your financial security and negatively impact your credit score.

If you want to spoil yourself with a premium or luxurious item, maximize your savings by choosing a credit card that offers the best deals around the holidays. If you want to see if other cards are offering better terms than your existing ones, browse through cards here.

You can choose from hundreds of different credit cards. If you want to perform a thorough research before applying for new credit cards, this is a helpful online tool that you can use to pick a card/s with the best holiday terms and deals.

  • Take advantage of Cyber Mondays, too!

Cyber Monday delivers the best Black Friday deals online. If you don’t have the time to buy the goods at bricks-and-mortar shops, scouring the Internet weeks before is a good idea. It seems that most Cyber Monday deals feature the similar huge discounts. Look out for online shops that focus mainly offering deals on Monday rather than Black Friday. If you still have some spare money after Black Friday shopping, buy non-essential items on Cyber Monday.

Here are our top 5 picks of early Black Friday deals that you can start checking out:

So, shall you wait for Black Friday, wait it out, or grab these steals now? The answer will depend on your strategic shopping plan or your budget. There are no guarantees that the best deals will be the same in the next few days. There’s also a possibility that online shops and retailers may implement more price cuts on Black Friday. Weigh the options and decide once all smart shopping tips are considered.








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