Where to Buy Surgical Mask Online in the US?

Buy Surgical Mask Online in the US

Still researching on where to buy surgical mask online? Right now, surgical masks and rubber gloves are in demand due to COVID-19 outbreak in the US. As surgical masks are in high demand but low supply, it might be difficult to get one.

Most physical stores might be running out of stock. Many people are being forced to search online stores for surgical mak supplies. The question remains though, where can you buy these things when they are sold out everywhere. We compiled a list of 10 known places and checked them to see if they have surgical masks available.

Remember, that these items come in and out of stock on a daily basis, but those that are out of stock may have orders currently waiting for the new stocks to arrive. So do check these stores regularly as you might be lucky to find one available in stock.

Tip: F.D.A. issued an emergency use authorization for KN95 masks in April 3, 2020 which is from China. You might consider getting it as it is more widely available.

If you need more advice on getting the right surgical mask to prevent COVID-19, pls refer to CDC website.


amazon surgical mask

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Amazon has a lot of suppliers selling surgical masks. They have a variety of choices and prices, which could fit your budget. Do keep a lookup for trusted sellers or trusted brands with better reviews instead of purchasing from cheap dodgy sellers. Quality of surgical mask might be an issue from some sellers as 3M masks run out of stock. Some masks might also not be F.D.A approved.


ebay surgical mask

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eBay has a lot of different types of masks, from fabric face shields with filters to the normal paper. Although the CDC does not recommend fabric and cloth masks, they are still able to protect you and your family to some degree. They also contain children’s masks, so that your children may be able to wear them properly as well. Your child would be delighted to wear these patterned masks. eBay has cheaper prices as it has more suppliers.

Home Depot

home depot surgical mask

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Unfortunately, it looks like Home Depot is based upon your location. When I search, there are none near me, which is frustrating. If you have a Home Depot near you, I recommend looking to see if they have any in-store, as your location might yield better results. However, they are mostly hardware masks, there are little to no surgical masks. Those that had them are in limited supply and are unsure when they will get more in supply.


walmart surgical mask

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Walmart has both fabric and disposable face masks. There are quite a number of choices to choose from. Walmart also gives easy access to other similarly bought items, like gloves and over the counter medicine.


walgreen surgical mask

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Walgreens has very little options to choose from despite being one of the biggest pharmacies in US . All of the masks available are located in-store and not online. The only items available online in the online store are disposable gloves. This is a little upsetting, as they did not need to put the item there if they did not sell it online. However, it is nice of them to let you know that there are gloves located in the store. The only downside is going out in this situation and having the possibility of them being out of stock

CVS Pharmacy

cvs pharmacy

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From this source, it seems there is only one option of surgical mask, and it is only a 10 pack. While the price for the 10 pack is not exactly pricey, if you are buying in large quantities, it could get very pricey.


Net32 Surgical Mask

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Net32 is a medical supply website. The items they have here are in medical grade packages with decent prices, but not completely understandable. They have a large variety of packages and surgical masks. While this may be available, it is unknown if they will deliver to your house because of them being a medical supply company.

However, please be aware that this place does supply to medical practices.


riteaid online store

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Rite Aid is currently out of stock for surgical masks, and they are unable to predict when more will be in stock. This is not surprising based on the huge demand for surgical masks. However, RITE AID makes it easy as you can find a store that sells it. This is very convenient so you can buy it from available retail stores.


kmart online store

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While Kmart may have more varities, they are pricey for surgical masks. Kmart’s website is well organized, but the prices are a lot higher than that of other websites. They also have KN95 surgical mask available.

Ace Hardware

ace hardware

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Ace Hardward mainly has dust suppressant masks, but can still be used to cover your mouth. They have a decent price for the items that are being offered, but do have low stock, much like everywhere else.


As you can see, many places either have the surgical masks but are low in stock, or are completely out of stock. However, online stores still have them in stock on their website, or claim to have them in stock in their store.

If you have to go out and purchase sugical masks, please be safe and protect yourself as needed. Not only for your health, but for those around you, and those you care about and for. Good luck, happy hunting, and stay safe.

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