Chore Ideas for 7-Year-Olds

Chore Ideas for 7-Year-Olds

They say that too much work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. I tend to believe that the reverse is also true: too much play without work makes Jack an irresponsible boy. It is true that playing helps in brain development and keeping the children happy. But did you know that a chore helps in instilling the spirit of hard work and discipline among children? You may not realize it promptly, but later, when they grow to become young adults, you will be proud of raising a responsible citizen.

It is every American’s dream to provide the basic needs for their families and see to it that their children attend the best schools and receive the best healthcare. Some parents focus too much on these. They even hire a nanny who does every chore in the house. That’s not right.

When assigning chores to your children, there are three critical factors that you should bear in mind. First, do not expect too much in the first attempt. Also, learn how to correct them in a friendly manner. Finally, and most importantly, for every one correction, learn to praise your kids at least ten times for every one correction.

If, as a parent, you find it hard to assign duties to your kids, then this post is for you. Please scroll down to learn about the best chore ideas for a 7-year-old.

1. Sweeping the Kitchen

If a 7-year-old can hold and kick a ball, then he definitely can hold a broom and a dustbin. I categorically stated a kitchen because it is usually prone to dirt in the form of the kitchen refuse. Furthermore, the kitchen in most households is a smaller room compared to others. This gives the kids a milestone to learn how to clean the bigger rooms in the future.

2. Watering the Gardens

Watering the plants and the gardens should be fun- and I’m sure your kids won’t mind. All you need is a watering can of the right capacity (around 3.5 liters) and a source of water. The chore isn’t tedious at all- a well-kept garden gets attended to at least twice per day.

3. Caretaking the Pets

This is another walkover that your 7-year-old will love. The only part that will bring a bit of a fuss is cleaning the pet’s messes. But if you have a vacuum cleaner, then you’ll be up to the task. Taking care of pets involve such simple activities as feeding them, keeping the water dish filled up, and if you have dogs, then your little one will also need to walk them.

4. Clearing up the Dining Table

I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I don’t expect to cook for my kids then remove the plates by myself from the table. Of course, some underlying factors may push you to that extent, like when your child is sick. Anyway, molding the kid into a responsible young person begins by letting them know that they have to do the cleanup after eating.

5. Folding Their Clothes

At first, they may do a shoddy work, which is OK. Rome wasn’t built in a single day anyway. Create some time with your child and teach them how to fold their clothes appropriately. Or would you like them to be a laughing stock at school for going to class with wrinkled clothes? I bet not.

6. Cleaning Their Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Even if you have a nanny, don’t let them do the cleaning of your 7-year-old’s room. They will develop a habit of leaving the room unattended because, in their mind, they believe there is someone else liable for that. You don’t want that to happen. Such simple activities as moping the bedroom and bathroom and spreading the bed shouldn’t be a trouble to kids.

7. Vacuuming

Kids love movables. A 7-year-old has outgrown the need to play with toys and is looking for something bigger and fancier. So, why not give them a vacuum cleaner to help you with vacuuming the rooms? Doing at least two rooms per week would be perfect for this age bracket.

8. Wiping the Windows

The windows are one of the most forgotten areas when doing a general cleanup. Most of us think that a window is always tidy, therefore, demanding little or no attention. But that’s not always the case. They trap dust, and if left alone, they may get discolored. Assign the role of wiping the windows to your young buddy to maintain or restore their original glow.

9. Mopping

With a 7-year-old in the house, I see no reason why you should spend extra cash to buy a steam mop bare floor cleaner. Just gift your little one a customized squeegee, and they’ll understand what you require them to do.

10. Arranging the Table

You’ll be surprised that even grown-ups find it challenging to set the table. Why? It is a skill that they never learned when they were little. Teach your children from as earlier as seven years so that they do not follow the same suit.

11. Sorting the House

This is simply the art of arranging household items in their rightful locations. A 7-year-old should know where to place what and how. For instance, they should know that books belong to the reading area, just like utensils belong to the kitchen cabinet, not the floor.

12. Preparing a Simple Salad

Sometimes you get from work too tired to even look at the kitchen door, let alone entering inside. This is the perfect moment to allow your kid to display their potential. Let them prepare a simple salad, with your supervision, of course. Wouldn’t you be proud to learn that your little buddy can make a meal for the whole family?

13. Washing the Dishes

If you have a machine dishwasher, well and good, if not, preserve the chore of cleaning the utensils exclusively for the kids. A dishwasher requires the loading of the dishes after all. However, be sure to remove the knives or any other cutlery as they can pose a significant danger to a 7-year-old. If they’re not tall enough to reach the sink, you can get them some stool to stand or sit on.

14. Taking out the Trash

You don’t need a college degree to understand that you shouldn’t keep litters inside the house. Assign this chore to your 7-year-old and let them know that keeping the trash in the home can cause bacteria-related illnesses. That way, they’ll do it without coercion or nagging.

15. Cleaning the Stairs

The good thing about stairs is that they are less prone to dirt compared to the floors. 7-year-olds are usually very active and rarely get tired of climbing the stairs. Let them do this type of chore because, after all, the stairs mostly lead to their rooms.

16. Wiping the Car Interiors

You can leave the external parts of the car to the older children, say ten years and above. But the interiors, being less prone to dirt, you can assign to the 7-year-old. You should, however, keep an eye on them to ensure that they don’t mess up anything inside the car as it may cost you a lot to repair.

17. Getting the Mail

By the age of 7, your child should be able to get the mail from the mailbox. You should, however, not risk their safety if you live across a high-traffic road. But if there are no risk factors and you get them to do the picking for you, why not give them a small token of appreciation? It’s an excellent motivator.

18. Feeding the Younger Children

What kind of a brother wouldn’t love to take care of his younger sister? From personal experience, I can tell you for sure that most kids enjoy this chore. Buy a milkshake or any other food that a baby would take and see how perfectly a 7-year-old would help to feed their little siblings.

19. Tidying up the Yard

Such chores as raking leaves, clipping the grass, and picking up sticks from the yard are no brainers. Get your little one a sizeable rake to make the work easier.

20. Keeping the Dirty Clothes in the Laundry Basket

A 7-year-old may not be old enough to wash his/her clothes. But does it mean that they should leave the dirty clothes scattered all over their rooms? Ensure that they put all the dirty clothes inside a hamper to keep the room organized and tidy at all times.

Chores vs. Responsibility – What’s the Difference?

By simple explanation, a chore is a simple routine task that is necessary to keep the household up and running. A responsibility, on the other hand, is something that you do to portray a picture of you being responsible. Examples of responsibilities include:

  • Spreading the bed
  • Practicing personal hygiene- brushing teeth, washing face, and brushing your hair
  • Picking up whatever you drop on the floor

Bottom Line

As promised, I’ve delivered a to-do list of chores to keep your 7-year-old productive. So, what’s next? It’s time to mold the little buddies into responsible young citizens. They may not like it at first, but later, they’ll realize how you helped them grow. Do not tire as a parent to raise and teach your kids the appropriate life values.

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