Hobby Lobby Sale Schedule


Hobby Lobby is a great place to shop if you enjoy arts, crafts, and home decor. It’s a perfect place to get all of your hobby supplies at a low cost. Every time you step into their shop, you’re guaranteed to find a good deal.

And not only that: Hobby Lobby features a variety of seasonal sales on a rotating basis. You don’t have to wait for an event like Black Friday to save a lot of money. Although there is a standard 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon that can be used on any item in the craft store, sales are limited to particular products and are time-sensitive. As a result, all Hobby Lobby hacks depend on the Hobby Lobby sales schedule.

Hobby Lobby Weekly Sale Schedule

Each week, a Hobby Lobby weekly ad is published, highlighting the products on sale for that week. The Hobby Lobby sale schedule is mainly based on a four-week period, with one three-week cycle thrown in. Essentially, the Hobby Lobby ad schedule is a weekly ordeal with trackable trends to be aware of.


Certain products are on sale for all weeks of the weekly sale period at your local shop, while others are only on sale for a portion of the cycle.

1. Items on sale once every four weeks

These products are the least frequently discounted and are only discounted for a quarter of each four-week period:

  • Men’s decor
  • Select fabrics
  • Scrapbooking supplies
  • Paper crafting goods and stationary
  • Home decor and accessories

2. Items on sale every other week

The following items are on sale half the time:

  • Bundled art supplies and craft kits
  • Ribbon and tulle
  • Flower stems
  • Metallic, wood, ceramic, and resin decor
  • Yarn and needlepoint supplies
  • Wreaths and garlands
  • Jewelry kits
  • Baskets, boxes, trays, etc.

3. Items on sale two of every three weeks

For two out of every three weeks, look for these items on sale:

  • Multi-packed canvases
  • Supplies for making jewelry

4. Items on sale three of every four weeks

For 75% of any given four-week period, you’ll find these items on sale:

  • Pillows and cases
  • Candleholders
  • Rugs and wall decor
  • Clocks

5. Items on sale every week

These goods are always on sale, no matter what:

  • Plants and trees
  • Floral items
  • T-shirts
  • Selected fabric
  • Furniture

Hobby Lobby Seasonal Sale

The seasonal rotation begins roughly in January and goes as follows:

1. New Year’s


This sale season bridges one year into the next and accounts for half of the winter-related discounts. Among the discounts on different party goods are:

  • 40% off all New Years items, from mid-November through the following January

2. Spring Shop

These discounts span from winter into summer, also bridging one year into the next. All items in the “Spring Shop” are marked down:

  • 66% off from mid-June through the beginning of July
  • 50% off from the end of May through the middle of June
  • 40% off from the end of December through May of the following year

3. Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day gets its own sales season. All decorative and craft supplies related to the holiday are discounted:

  • 40% off their original price from the middle of January until a few days after Valentine’s Day

4. St. Patrick’s Day

An extremely popular holiday celebrating Irish culture, St. Patrick’s Day gets dedicated sales on all related decorations:

  • 50% off for the whole week directly after the holiday
  • 30% off the full price from the middle of February through St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)

5. Easter

Easter is a Christian holy tradition associated with pastel colors, sweets, and the general regenerative spirit of spring. Exact dates vary depending on when Easter Sunday occurs, but Easter merchandise sales are roughly:

  • 40% off for the weeks leading up to Easter, about a month out 80% off (huge savings!) on the week after Easter

6. Summer toys special

Summer toys are a special category of sale, encompassing:

  • 40% off from February through May 50% off in the first two weeks of June 66% off from the middle of June through the beginning of July

7. Fourth of July

Independence Day, perhaps the most important holiday of the summer, is a day devoted to grilling and spending time with family and friends. The following party supplies and accessories are on sale:

  • 30% off from June through July 5th

8. Fall decorations

Discounts on general party decor and craft supplies abound in autumn:

  • 80% off Fall decor for the second half of November
  • 50% off Fall decor for the first half of November
  • 50% off Fall tableware for the second half of November
  • 40% off Fall decor from the middle of July through October

9. Halloween

Halloween decorations and related items are discounted during a different selling season in the fall:

  • 40% off from the last week of September through October

10. Christmas


Finally, the Christmas season is one of the busiest holiday seasons. It offers discounts on Christmas decorations, Hobby Lobby fabric, and other arts and crafts:

  • Up to 90% off on the first week of January
  • 66% off on the last two weeks of December
  • 50% off from November through December
  • 40% off from the middle of August through October

Big Savings at Hobby Lobby

You can always save 40% at Hobby Lobby by using their coupons, which are available both online and in-store. Hobby Lobby’s secret sales make it even more affordable. By understanding their sale cycle, you can shop the clearance or wait for the biggest sale. You can also save money with pricing adjustments and price matching.

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