My Chili’s Rewards: Free Food & Drinks


Chili’s restaurant chain redesigned its customer loyalty club structure in 2015 and again in 2016 when it collaborated with Plenti. Chili’s consumers are credited with points with every Chili’s purchase, and points can be exchanged for free food and drinks not only at Chili’s but also at other participating chains.

Points-based reward clubs are similar to consumer loyalty services used by other restaurant chains such as Claim Jumper, Dunkin Donuts, TGI Fridays, and Jamba and Juice, but the Plenti collaboration takes it a step further.

How Customers Redeem My Chilli’s Rewards

After accumulating a sufficient number of points, those points can be redeemed for free Chili’s food and beverage menu items. You can use your My Chili’s + Plenti Rewards points to get something on the Chili’s menu for free, but each menu item will cost a different amount of points.

Free chips and salsa, for example, or a free side item, need just 30 points. A free entree of your choice will cost up to 150 points. To put the rewards point redemption values into context, you’ll need to spend $120 before you can get a free Chili’s burger or snack. Loyalty members may also use their points to get credit against a payment/cost of purchase at any of the other participating retailers.

Sign-up Bonus

New My Chili’s + Plenti Rewards customer loyalty club members are automatically rewarded with 60 My Chili’s + Plenti Rewards Points, which can be exchanged for free foods or drinks. At the moment, 60 points entitles you to a free dessert or a free kid’s meal. It just takes 30 points to get a free side dish or appetizer of chips and salsa.


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How It Works for Repeat Customers

Customers simply enter their registered phone number (or enter it themselves using the Chili’s Ziosk on their table or the Chili’s mobile app) after signing up for the My Chili’s + Plenti Rewards Club. Members of My Chili’s + Plenti Rewards Club earn one point for every dollar spent at a Chili’s restaurant or with a Chili’s delivery or takeout order once they have registered.

Other Discounts, Freebies, and Benefits

As an added bonus, newly registered My Chili’s + Plenti Rewards loyalty club members can get a free Triple Dipper appetizer plate (sampling portions of your choice of any 3 appetizers). To be eligible for the bonus Triple Dipper freebie, new loyalty club members must make three Chili’s purchases in three separate visits within three weeks of registering for loyalty rewards.

Every year, My Chili’s + Plenti Rewards members who provide their birth date at registration receive a Birthday Club freebie. At the moment, the Chili’s Birthday Club bonus is a free appetizer or a free dessert with the purchase of an entree.


How to Join the Chili’s Restaurant Chain Email Club

The My Chili’s + Plenti Rewards customer loyalty program is free to join and can be done in three ways:

  • Chili’s official website
  • Using your table Ziosk inside a Chili’s restaurant
  • Using the Chili’s mobile app, which is available for free.
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