PINCHme Free Samples: Legit or Scam?


Trying a new product can be risky. You’ll either like it or despise it. If you dislike it, the inconvenience of returning it will deter you. Instead, the product may end up accumulating dust in a drawer or being thrown away.  Any choice means you’ve squandered money and time on products that didn’t work out for you.

Fortunately, there is a way to test new items before purchasing them. With a PINCHme membership, you can get free samples from top brands.

What is PINCHme?

PINCHme, which can be found at, is a website that allows people like you and me to test out consumer goods from well-known brands in exchange for reviews. The New York-based business was founded in 2012 and is currently led by Jeremy Reid.

How Does PINCHme Work?

PINCHme sends free samples to members once a month, who then review the items and provide input. Not all members receive free samples; only those who meet the criteria for providing feedback based on their PINCHme user profile are eligible. It’s similar to a standard survey website, but this time you get actual tangible things like skincare products, cosmetics, and homecare items sent to you for testing and reviews.

When these samples become available, PINCHme will inform you, and you can proceed to choose the samples you like. They will send you the samples by mail if you are eligible to check them out and provide feedback. After you’ve tried them out, you’ll log in to your PINCHme account and provide input on the sample you received.

1. Sign up for a free account

PINCHme registration is a quick procedure. You can choose whether to sign up with an email address or via Facebook. If you select email, you will be required to verify your email address. PINCHme will give you an email to double-check that you entered the right email address.


2. Fill out your profile questions

PINCHme will ask you a series of questions about your household and shopping preferences after you sign up. These questions help to create your member profile, which allows you to customize the sample selections to your preferences.

This step is critical if you want to have the best experience possible. PINCHme wants to make sure that the samples they give you are important to your lifestyle.

Additionally, if you move, make sure to change your mailing address so that you can continue to receive your free samples.

3. Answer any additional bonus questions

Additional questions may be emailed to you in some situations. Responding to those emails will qualify you for additional samples. If a new brand or product is added to the sample selections, PINCHme wants to make sure you don’t miss out on new opportunities.

RSVP for Sample Tuesday

Once a month, Sample Tuesday is held. To be eligible for additional samples, you must RSVP to Sample Tuesday Facebook events.

1. Create your own free sample package

Create your own box of samples and have them delivered directly to you for free after receiving recommendations from PINCHme about which items you may be interested in.

2. Review the products


Allowing for some time to try the samples, log back into your profile to provide feedback on the products. PINCHme is searching for truthful input from users in order to engage with brands. This relationship assists marketers in understanding what customers like and dislike about their goods, providing an incentive to change.

You can also enter your feedback on the PINCHme app, which is very handy. After that, consider selecting additional samples to review.

Is PINCHme a Scam?

No,  PINCHme is not a scam.  The website sends out samples once a month.    The problem is that if your profile does not meet certain criteria, you will not be eligible for anything. It’s not as difficult as winning the lottery to get free things, but there’s no guarantee that if you sign up, you’ll actually get the samples.

Keep in mind that you only receive actual products. It is not possible to make money by sharing a review.

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