Top 8 Practical Tips to Save Money on Thanksgiving


Looking for ways to save money just in time to prepare for a special Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends? Well, you’re definitely at the right place. There is nothing more heart-warming than gathering around a table full of delectable food. An impressive spread for Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be all that expensive. We’ll give you ten of our money-saving tips that you can try for Thanksgiving 2020.

1. Book Your Flight a Few Months before Thanksgiving

Studies reveal that an average American household spends $342 for Thanksgiving dinner. This figure of course does not include the transportation expenses for family members who are living overseas or out of state.


To save on travel costs, experts recommend booking your flight in September. This tip may be a little too late this year, but this will surely come in handy for next year. According to SkyScanner, booking your flights a few months before your planned departure date will give you up to 4% of savings.

If you’ve missed out on travel deals, there are still many more ways that you can save money this Thanksgiving.

2. Be Careful in Choosing When You Fly in and Out

Flexibility with travel dates lets you enjoy huge travel discounts. You may be surprised to learn that Thanksgiving is one of the cheapest days to travel by air. Those who are open to traveling on a Thursday won’t pay too much for their ticket. Unfortunately, traveling on Thanksgiving Day can be downright inconvenient and stressful.

There are still days of the week when you can fly and save money. Do not book your departure flight on a Wednesday and return flight on a Sunday. This is a costly travel schedule for anybody. Airlines are aware of this routine that most Americans follow on Thanksgiving week.

According to CheapAir, the cheapest times to fly for Thanksgiving are the following days:

  • Monday for departure flights
  • Friday and Tuesday for return flights

If there is no way for you to fly home earlier, you are most likely to book a Wednesday flight. You can still save money by being flexible on your return flight instead.

3. Compare Flights

Don’t just click on the first flight deal that you see online. Flight booking platforms like Expedia can help you compare between two or more deals. It’s a simple tool that enables users to choose between a multitude of combination flights for Thanksgiving and even for Christmas and New Year.

4. Forego the Extra Baggage Option


Thanksgiving trips are generally short, which means you can simply throw in a few items of clothing and you’re all set. If you are spending Thanksgiving at the house you grew up in, chances are, your parents may have saved some of your favorite college outfits and pajamas.

A weekender bag that you can hand-carry will eliminate your need to pay extra for luggage fees, plus it lets you exit the airport faster since you don’t have to wait along the conveyor belt to retrieve your luggage.

5. Plan Your Thanksgiving Menu

Food is an essential part of Thanksgiving. But since there is a higher demand for a few seasonal ingredients, you might end up paying more than your set budget. Organization is the key to saving money on Thanksgiving.

The simple task of planning your menu carefully will help you reap savings, while ensuring you have everything you need to satisfy your loved one’s cravings. If you have a solid menu planned, you are less likely to go on an impulse buying spree.

6. Make Use Of What You Already Have In the Pantry

For men and women whose hobby is grocery shopping, buying two or more of the same product is commonplace, and well, expensive. Before going to the grocery to shop for ingredients, take a closer look at your pantry. Make an inventory of what you have and compare your stock against your shopping list app.

Cross out items on your shopping list when you find that you still have them in stock. It’s also recommended to check your refrigerator before you leave. You may have forgotten that you still have a ton of frozen meat in the freezer that you can use to make meatloaf or filling. And knowing that meat can be very expensive, simply using what you already have in your refrigerator will afford you to great savings, too.

When grocery shopping, avoid buying items that you won’t need to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Stick to the items on your grocery list and witness how much cash you just saved simply by following this tip.

7. Why Not Cook from Scratch?


Your family and friends would be very pleased to see a generous spread of entrees that were all cooked from scratch. Apart from the non-stop oohs and aahs at the dinner table, your wallet will be rejoicing, too!

Buying pre-made dishes are more costly than making them from fresh and raw ingredients. You may also request your guests to bring a dish that they’ve made from scratch. This potluck style of Thanksgiving is always fun and will surely help in creating fond memories with your loved ones.

Here are some recipes that won’t break the bank:

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9. Buy Pre-made Dishes, Too!

There are dishes that are cheaper when made from scratch and there are also those that are more affordable when pre-made. In some cases, there are packaged foods that offer greater savings for consumers.

A good example would be pumpkin pie. Now, if you make this from scratch, not only will you be spending more for the ingredients, but you’ll end up working harder and longer in the kitchen. Buying canned pumpkin and a readymade scratch is a more sensible option.

We still have a ton of money-saving tips for you, so do make sure to stay tuned in the next coming days for more updates. If you want to check out more clever ways to save cash this Holiday season, you are more than happy to navigate our Deal to Save site.

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