Scholastic Offers Free Online Lessons for Your Kids as Schools Closes

Scholastic Offers Free Online Lessons for Your Kids as Schools Closes

Due to the unfortunate situation of schools now being closed as a result of the spreading of the dangerous coronavirus, the Scholastic company has come forth with a good solution to empower your children with the opportunity to keep learning. They have done this by now offering courses via their new Learn at Home website that offers many learning resources. This means that your children will have access to interesting educational topics to keep their minds academically challenged so that they will be ready to continue their regular studies at school when school reopens at some time in the future. But since it is unpredictable regarding the exact date that the schools will reopen since the coronavirus is still highly rampant, it is wise for all children to engage in these free online educational classes that are being offered by the Scholastic company at this time. Your children will find these classes truly insightful and enjoyable.

1. Scholastic Learn at Home

learning at home

When you are worried about your children who seem overwhelmed and frightened because of this horrible virus that is impacting every nation of the world, a good way to help reduce the anxiety of your children is to get them engaged in learning with wonderful educational classes that are being freely provided online by Scholastic. The company is offering classes for children from prekindergarten all the way up to ninth grade. The classes will help to occupy the minds of your children with interesting and interactive knowledge, which will help to reduce their time thinking about the complexities that are associated with the coronavirus. Your children will have fun learning about why zebras possess stripes, various math lessons and all types of subjects that your children typically would be involved in a regular school. There are a few weeks worth of learning at this present time. Each week covers five days of learning and each day of learning is meant to be about a period of three to four hours. Your children will be totally engaged via challenging writing and research projects. In addition, your children will enjoy virtual field trips via videos and there are also some amazing challenges in regard to geography. The company is in the process of producing two more weeks of content as well. These classes are free for your children and will work well on any device. These classes are highly convenient as there is no need to sign up.

2. Scholastic Study Jams

study jams

Scholastic Study Jams is a great place for your children online, which is provided by Scholastic. There are so many things to keep your children occupied. The learning will be highly engaging. Your children will not be able to complain that they are bored when they engage with Scholastic Study Jams. Your children will be able to build an airplane online, will be involved with learning about various interesting elements of geometry and will be able to be engaged in many interactive learning lessons that will impress them and keep them enthused about learning. There are also quizzes that you can give to your children to help them to retain the knowledge that they have acquired during their learning sessions with Scholastic Study Jams.

3. Scholastic Books

scholastic books

Scholastic books offer so much reading fun for your children. They will be intrigued by the many stories and topics that are covered in the books. The books mix educational value and a pleasant reading experience that your children will cherish for a long time even after they have already finished reading the books. The books are colorful and provide real value for the learning of your children. The books that are provided by Scholastic truly are worth your investment. The books are made well, so they will last for a long time, which means your younger children can eventually use the books as well.

4. Scholastic Book Fairs

scholastic book fair

Scholastic Book Fairs are exciting due to the fact that you can access better books than those that other publishers provide. Scholastic is known for being top in the industry when it comes to providing books that are educational and intriguing. That is why most children are thrilled with the books that they get from Scholastic Book Fairs. The books allow you and your children to have bonding time as you read together or discuss the books after your children have read portions of the book and finally after your children have completed reading the whole book. Scholastic Book Fairs are a wonderful option, as you are able to order books online all year long. This means that there will never be a shortage of good books for your children to read.

5. Scholastic Science World

Your children will love Scholastic Science World, which is a superior quality science magazine for children who are in sixth grade through tenth grade. This magazine is non-fiction; but it is highly interesting as it will allow your children to build their skills in the scientific domains of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering as well as earth science. The good news is that with this print magazine subscription, there are online resources that are available for your children as well. In addition, all the articles in the magazine are up to par with the standards at the state and national levels in regard to science education. You know your children will learn well with Scholastic Science World.

6. Scholastic Art and Writing

Indeed, art is a wonderful medium to allow your children to experience the world around them at a deeper level. That is why Scholastic offers great activities regarding art and writing for your children to engage in a deeper experience of the world with the correct knowledge of producing art and writing that is top quality. Your children will learn about light positioning in art, textures, shading and much more. Each article will provide a learning opportunity for your children in the print magazine. There are also many online resources, such as videos that will be able to explain to your children more in-depth elements of art and writing to allow them to achieve higher levels of art and writing skills.

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