9 Secrets To Shopping at Walmart


Walmart takes the cake when it comes to low-cost shopping. It’s difficult to avoid shopping at Walmart because of its affordable low prices and large selection. With its almost endless range of departments such as grocery, electronics, clothes, and toys, to name a few, Walmart is a one-stop-shop for many. We probably all shop at Walmart on a regular basis, so it’s time to shop smart and take advantage of these Walmart shopping secrets!

1. Compare The Store’s Online Prices To Its In-Store Prices

Before you go shopping, check out Walmart’s online prices because items can often be cheaper! If you discover this price difference but still want to shop in-store, Walmart will match the online price to ensure you get the best deal possible.

2. Check Out Walmart’s Online Coupons Before You Shop

To save money in the future, use coupons and stock up on discount items. Before you go shopping, we recommend checking out the coupons available on Walmart’s website.

3. Shop In The Morning For The Best Selection

Shopping in the morning is an easy way to avoid empty shelves and low inventory. Many Walmart stores are open late or even 24 hours a day, but staff members prefer to stock shelves at less busy times, such as at night. So, if you arrive early, you’re more likely to be able to shop the freshly stocked shelves from the previous night.

4. Use Walmart’s grocery pick up for easy shopping

If you dislike grocery shopping in-store, Walmart offers a service that allows you to shop online and pick up in-store at no extra cost! You just need a minimum order of $50 to get started. Simply choose the groceries you want from Walmart’s selection and schedule a time to pick them up. For even more convenience, use Walmart’s Mobile Check In to notify the store that you’re on your way so that your groceries are ready and waiting for you!

5. Check Out The Day-Old Bakery Items

While bakery items don’t taste or feel any different the next day, Walmart does offer discounts on these items, which can often be priced at a dollar. So, if you want to save money on baked goods, go through the bakery section before you check out.

6. Shop Generic

If you’re not picky about labels and want to save some money, look for Walmart’s generic label called Great Value. From food and toiletries to tissues and sandwich bags, the store has a generic product for about everything you can think of.

7. Prices Ending in a 1 or 0 are Final Sale

While looking at Walmart’s prices, there are some clues about whether or not you’re having the best deal they’ll get! Walmart provides markdown signs in the price tag. If the price ends in a 7, it is said to be the original price, with no markdown given — for the time being. If the price ends in a 5, it’s likely that’s the first markdown applied to that commodity, so you’re getting a decent deal, but you may want to wait a little while for the final markdown, which is said to a price ending in a 1 or 0.

8. Download The Walmart App

Make the most of your Walmart shopping experience by downloading the company’s app. You will be informed of offers that you may not have been aware of previously, allowing you to save money. Even better, you’ll be the first to learn about exclusive deals and promotions before anyone else.

9. Walmart Will Match Every Competitor’s Price

Don’t forget that Walmart can match every competitor’s price! If Walmart does not have the lowest price for a commodity, show an associate at the cash register a flyer and they will adjust the price for you on the spot.

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