What is Target REDcard?


With the Target RedCard, Target fans can enjoy top-of-the-line discounts and exclusive perks. Cardholders earn instant rewards at the store, which can add up to big savings on the next Target trip.

Since the RedCard is a store card, it can only be used at Target and Target.com. This no-fee card, however, will help frequent Target shoppers.

How the Target RedCard Works

The Target RedCard is available in two varieties: a Target credit card (a retail charge card) and a Target Mastercard (a traditional credit card). Target also has a debit card that deducts money from your checking account automatically. Each card offers similar benefits. Retailers, such as Target, usually collaborate with a financial institution to sell a branded credit card, with the retailer and bank splitting the interest and fees paid by the customer. Target credit cards are issued by TD Bank USA, N.A., a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank of Toronto, Canada, and one of the country’s largest banks.

The Target RedCard charge card is accepted at Target retail outlets as well as on Target’s website. The RedCard with the Mastercard logo is accepted everywhere. Sign-up bonuses are usually available for those that have recently been accepted for a new RedCard, such as $50 off a future purchase of $100 or more, which was available from Jan. 17 to Feb. 21, 2021.


Target RedCard Rewards

The Target REDCard credit and debit cards both give the same 5% discount on eligible Target and Target.com transactions. Starbucks locations within Targets are also included, but other restaurants and some Target purchases are not eligible for the discount.

While Target gift cards and prepaid cards are not eligible for the discount, several other store and specialty gift cards are. The 5% discount is usually added to any other savings you get, such as subscription discounts or discounts via the Cartwheel coupon program.

Take note that the 5% discount is applied automatically when you make the purchase, rather than being awarded as cashback incentives as in a cashback credit card. And you won’t have to think about redeeming anything; the discount will be applied automatically when you shop.

When you apply for this card, you might also be eligible for an introductory bonus offer, such as $25 off a future purchase of $100 or more. These promotional deals are not always available, and different offers may be available online and in-store.

Target RedCard Benefits


With each card, you’ll get the same set of extra benefits, which could help regular Target shoppers save a lot of money on free shipping and sales.

  • Early access offers: REDcard users can obtain early access offers to Target events, promotions, and sales on occasion. These deals may be based on previous transactions as well as your location.
  • 30-day extended returns: Cardholders will have an extra 30 days to return transactions made with a REDcard. Many Target products have a 90-day return window, which will extend to 120 days. However, bear in mind that some products, such as electronics, might have different return policies. This extension does not apply to Target Optical transactions or non-returnable products.
  • Free two-day shipping: Get free two-day shipping on qualifying Target.com orders. The order cutoff time is usually 12 p.m. local time in the destination region.
  • Exclusive extras: Cardholders can have access to exclusive offers and promotions that are only available by using a REDcard. Quantities are often small, and each REDcard user may normally only buy a certain amount of each item.
  • Anniversary bonus savings: Sign up for Target marketing newsletters and receive a 10% off coupon for Target purchases via email on the anniversary of your account. These promotions will not be sent to you if you do not sign up for marketing newsletters.
  • Chip-and-PIN support: The Target REDcard credit and debit cards both support chip-and-PIN technology for increased security. This means that instead of signing your name, you’ll have to enter a PIN to make transactions at Target.
  • Load in the Target mobile wallet: You can add your REDcard credit or debit card to the Target mobile app and use it for Target transactions. This is also an easy way to find early access and exclusive REDcard deals.

Who Should Consider the Target Credit Card?

The Target RedCard can provide a lot of savings with its 5% discount on purchases at Target stores and on their website, particularly if you do a lot of your shopping at Target. If you have a family or children to buy for, the cost of supplies such as paper towels, cleaning supplies, and food can add up to thousands of dollars per year.

Consumers who buy the bulk of their purchases at other retailers could be better off with a standard credit card that provides rewards and specific discounts based on the customer’s buying patterns. Travel cards with airline partners and gas incentives are two types of credit cards in which businesses work with banks to offer a branded credit card.

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