VIPKID: How to Make Money Teaching English Online

VIPKID How to Make Money Teaching English Online

VIPKID is one of the best online teaching platforms that enable you to earn some extra bucks from the comfort of your home as you make a positive impact on the lives of children. This online teaching platform has its headquarters in Beijing, China.

Its curriculum is based on the common cores of the United States Standard English. It uses a flipped-classroom teaching approach to nurture creativity as well as the critical thinking skills of children.

If you are a North American English teacher and you have been looking for opportunities to make extra cash outside your current job, then VIPKID may be for you. This online English Education Platform has about 200,000 Chinese students between the age of 4 to 12 years and over 20,000 teachers.

There has been a fast exponential growth of students leading to a demand for more teachers from the United States and Canada.

What Makes VIPKID to Stand Out from the Rest?

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  • Students are taken through a 30-minute lesson by the teacher and then given virtual language practice games and homework.
  • VIPKID offers a supportive learning culture, both offline and online.
  • The teaching curriculum is prepared by the VIPKID team easing the teacher’s workload.
  •  Apart from just teaching students online, VIPKID has a research institute at Stanford that studies how children learn languages. They also have a current project that focuses on the rural schools in China that connect the country teachers and their virtual teachers to improve on their English teaching skills.
  • The technology they provide makes online teaching easy and effective.
  • VIPKID works to ensure that its students are highly engaged and motivated to learn.

The Benefits you Get When you Work as a VIPKID Teacher?


  1. You will impact the lives of many children across China.
  2. You will be able to earn extra cash (an average of $19 per hour).
  3. You will have flexible working hours.
  4. There is no work pressure. You don’t have to worry about curriculum development, grading, or lesson planning. Your focus remains on teaching alone.
  5. You get incentives such prizes, cash, as well as trips to Beijing.
  6. You are free to work from anywhere.

Required Qualifications to Apply for a VIPKID Teaching Position?


VIPKID usually employs current English teachers who are looking to earn extra income, stay-at-home moms who have a hand on teaching experience, ESL teachers from the United States or Canada, or retired teachers looking for a part-time job. Qualifications for applying to VIPKID teacher position are as follows:

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree either in education or any other field of study.
  • You should have at least one school year teaching experience or equivalent hours in educational activities such as home tutoring, schooling, or education mentoring.
  • You should be eligible to work in Canada or the United States.

Note that speaking Chinese is NOT a requirement for you to become a VIPKID teacher.

How to Sign-Up to Become a VIPKID Teacher


Signing up with VIPKID involves the following simple steps:

  • First, you need to create an account with VIPKID by signing up.
  • You will then have to complete some basic questions. The questions will involve going through an interview process consisting of your teaching skills’ demo.
  • You will then go through VIPKID’s teaching class introduction.
  • You will then have to practice teaching a mock class with an experienced teacher from VIPKID.
  • Sign your contract and begin teaching the children.

Note that if you have the required qualifications and follow the above steps, it will take less than a month for you to become a VIPKID teacher.

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