10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hobby Lobby Sales


Do you enjoy purchasing home décor items? Do you like making crafts? There are so many wonderful items to choose from at Hobby Lobby. If you pay full price, you may experience sticker shock. But  Hobby Lobby is always a great place to go for sales and clearance offers on art supplies, home decor, organization items, and so much more!

For you to get the most bang for your buck, we’re sharing our top tips for shopping and saving BIG at Hobby Lobby.

Ways to Get the Most Out of Hobby Lobby Sales

Once you’ve incorporated these money-saving strategies into your Hobby Lobby shopping trips, you’ll never pay full price for anything again.

1. Year-Round Clearance Shopping


Each Hobby Lobby has a clearance section with products marked down to up to 90% off. You never know what you’ll come across. Having said that, you will sometimes find clearance deals in each department. Keep an eye out for those clearance tags.

2. Request a Refund If the Price Dips

Did you ever buy anything just to find out later that the price had dropped? Request a refund. You will get a refund for the difference if the price drops within 14 days of purchase. This is something you can bear in mind if you purchased something costly. Keep your receipt and keep an eye out for any price declines.

3. Learn the Sales Schedule

Did you know Hobby Lobby has a sales schedule? If you’re familiar with grocery store sales cycles, you’ll understand what we mean. Wall décor, for example, can go on sale every three weeks. Some websites share the cycle. Check it out before you spend your hard-earned money on it.

4. Look Before You Leap

On sale! But wait a minute. The item you want is not included, according to the fine print. That’s unfortunate. Fortunately, you read the entire sign before grabbing the item. You must always exercise caution to ensure that the goods you want are included in the sale. Many craft shops are guilty of misleading customers into believing that all pieces are included, so read the fine print.

5. Just shop online If Shipping Is Complimentary

Here’s the deal. Hobby Lobby’s prices are the same when you shop online or in-store. In other words, you will not save money by shopping online. In reality, because of the high shipping costs, you would typically end up paying more. It’s great if you want to shop online. Simply wait for a free shipping deal.

6. Have Bulk Orders Shipped to the Store


In some cases, you may need a lot of items for a project. Ask the store to order the goods for you instead of paying the high shipping costs. You will not be charged for shipping since the items will be delivered to the store. This will help you save a lot of money.

7. Use the Coupon to Substitute Sales

If you need something for a craft project but the item is only on sale for 20% off, request that the sale be replaced with the coupon. No, you cannot combine the coupon and the offer. However, if you need anything right away and the deal isn’t very good, this is a great tip.

8. Get Christmas Items at 40 – 90% Off

Believe it or not, Christmas items begin at 40% off in July. The price is expected to decline further until after the holiday. After Christmas, you will get up to 90% off. This can result in significant savings. But here’s the kicker: Once an item has sold out, it will not be restocked. To put it another way, if you see anything you really must have, buy it or risk never seeing it again.

9. Get an Additional 10% Off

Teachers, churches, and national charities receive an extra 10% discount from Hobby Lobby. You may need to have proof of your identity to receive the discount, but it can be a fantastic way to save money. In addition, if you are an employee, you will get a 15% discount.

10. Fill Out an Application for a Hobby Lobby Credit Card


Do you want to get 5% cashback on your purchases? Apply for a Hobby Lobby Visa Credit Card. To avoid interest, simply make sure to pay off your purchases each month. If you often shop at Hobby Lobby, the cashback will quickly add up.

Price Match

Competitor coupons are not accepted at Hobby Lobby. They do, however, price match. You just need to ensure that the item is identical to the one you purchased from Hobby Lobby. If you’re buying paint, for example, make sure it’s the same brand, type, and size as the competitor.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do your favorite crafts or decorate your house. There are many excellent ways to save money at Hobby Lobby.

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