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From personal experience, I have come to realize that kids tend to copy what we do as opposed to hearing what we tell them. If you’re the kind of parent that watches the TV all day long, your kids will follow just that. Likewise, if you spend much of your free time reading books, you know what to expect from your little ones. Are you the reading type who would like your kids to follow the same suit? Read along this short piece to find out where you can find free children’s books online.

1. Storyline Online


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Every child loves stories, and even get more captivated if they come with some audiovisual and animation elements. The site is run and moderated by The Screen Actors Guild Foundation. The books are suitable for kids looking to improve their English comprehension skills. If your kid struggles with verbal or written mastery skills, then this is the site for them.

2. Oxford Owl


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As the name implies, this award-winning site is run and moderated by the Oxford University Press. Your kids can use the learning-based site either at school or at home, but first, they’ll need to sign up, freely, of course. Aside from more than 250 free eBooks, Oxford Owl also contains captivating storytelling videos, games, and reading skills guides.

3. Open Library


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Internet Archive, the parent anchor of this site, is a non-profit library which hosts millions of books, movies, songs, and so on. The site provides free access to more than 20,000 kids’ books. The best part about Open Library is that it frequently endeavors to update its collection, so you never run out of something more fascinating.

4. International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)


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ICDL is a non-profit foundation whose primary mission is to allow the world’s children to learn about different cultures, languages, and ideas. They have a section on their website where well-wishers can donate books and volunteers can offer translation services. Create a free account today and let your kid learn from more than 4000 titles and 59 different languages.

5. Amazon’s Free Kids eBooks


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What I like about Amazon’s site is its diversity and categorization of its books based on different topics. I.e., there’s a section for sports, entertainment, education, action and adventure, and so on. For each category, your kids will have 100 free eBooks from which they can choose. Surely you can’t fail to find something that interests your child out of the more than 3000 eBooks collection.

6. Mrs. P’s Magic Library


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Kathy Kinney, a renowned actor and comedienne, is the brains behind this award-winning free children’s books online site. Kathy utilizes her excellent storytelling skills to eloquently read books to children in a sweet voice that keeps the audience glued. If your child loves classic stories, then it will only get better once they find out about Mrs. P.

7. Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books for Kids


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If you have kids within the age bracket of 0-12 years, this site contains some of the best eBooks for their learning and entertainment. The sorting of the books is according to different subjects such as Fairy tales, Cooking & Food, Fiction & Literature, Learning Basic Concepts, etc. What’s more, they have recommendations for books based on age-brackets.

8. Project Gutenberg


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You’ll be amazed by the simplicity of this site. The children’s bookshelves contain a category for 100% free books based on different subjects. You can read the eBooks either online or download for later use. Don’t worry about running out of options because volunteers and donors relentlessly keep the digital shelves full.

9. Library of Congress


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The name suggests as though you need a library card to access the books, but that’s far from the truth. It’s filled with an endless list of classic books with a wide variety of topics like history, sports, national parks, and so on. What’s more, your kids will get the real feeling of reading, thanks to the sites full scan display of pages.

10. Goodreads


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Your popular free children’s books online store is here. Do you want to read? Just click on the “want to read” button and get started. The eBooks are available for kids of all ages and elementary school levels. And yes, they’re free and downloadable.


Every American mother knows that access to information is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your kids. It not only enhances their mastery of the language but also keeps them entertained. So, what’s restraining you from giving your children this priceless gift?

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