Why Remote-Accessible Security Systems are Important


For some people, the thought of wireless home security systems that are can be accessed from mobile devices sounds a bit too paranoid already. However, remote control and access for security systems (including cameras) isn’t about paranoia. These days, it pays to know what’s happening when you’re not there, so to speak. 

Here are some possible uses for remote-accessible security systems, particularly those with cameras.

1. Emergency Visual Confirmation

If you have heat, smoke, gas, or medical alarms incorporated into your home security systems, then all you have to do is access the video camera for the particular room where the tripped sensor component is, so you can find out what’s happening. It could be, at the very least, a false alarm, or a pet-activated alarm. On the other hand, instant visual confirmation of a possible home invasion is important, as you can immediately send the visuals to the nearest connected police station, for immediate action. 

2. Knowing If People Are Working

Not all home security systems are necessarily installed at home. These kinds of systems can also be installed in offices, so that employers can find out if people are working, particularly when upper management isn’t there. If the system is used at home, you can also use it for the same reason, when you have people working on a part of your house, be it for maintenance, repair, or house modifications. 

3. Monitoring Nannies and Babysitters

Given the many horror stories about ill-qualified nannies and babysitters, it’s important that parents have access to remote cameras that are focused in their young children’s living spaces. That way, they can make sure if nannies or babysitters are doing their jobs, or if they are just abusing hospitality by becoming couch potatoes. Camera systems for wireless home security systems can also record short segments, so if you find anything questionable, you can present the recorded footage as evidence. And don’t worry if the nanny or babysitter complains about loss of privacy – it is your home, after all. 

4. Checking On the Teens

If your children are already in their teens, you can also use the cameras in the security network to check their activities when you’re not home. While cameras in their own rooms may not be such a good idea, you can at least find out what they’re doing in main areas of the home. You can also monitor if doors or windows have been opened (thanks to pressure sensors), to see if they went out and returned. 

5. Putting a Face to Intruders

Finally, remote-accessible security networks can allow you to catch criminals in action in your own house, and, if you have the right apps or app plug-ins, you will be able to send the police clear photos (or as clear as can be image-captured) of who these people are, so they can be identified, and possibly arrested. You can at least have the chance of putting these people behind bars faster, aside from recovering your prized possessions or money.

As you can see, there are many ways to use remote-accessible home security systems, aside from the obvious security monitoring reasons

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